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Atlantic Canada 2017-2018

Nfld has pulled out of the Atlantic qualifying and Montague Stallions folded in Dec 2017

This leaves the Elsipogtog Hawks who represent New Brunswick due to last seasons finish as the top New Brunswick team
as the Atlantic Allan Cup representative

Elsipogtog Hawks advance to Allan Cup as Atlantic Rep


This was the planned schedule before Nfld pulled out of Atlantic qualifying and Montague folded

All games in Bouctouche


Thurs Jan 25  19:30   Montague vs Elsipogtog

Fri Jan 26   19:30   Clarenville vs Montague
Sat Jan 27 19:00   Elsipogtog vs Clarenville
Sun Jan 28   14:00    Final   Top two teams



New Brunswick
The North East Senior League is having top New Brunswick team from the previous season
represent New Brunswick in the Atlantic Provincial Playoffs
The Elsipogtog Hawks lost to the Montague Stallions from PEI in the league finals last season so they will represent New Brunswick

Elsipogtog Hawks

New Brunswick Provincial Finals
Bouctouche Dodge Ram JCs vs Elsipogtog Hawks
Elsipogtog wins Best of Seven NB Finals 4-2
Elsipogtog represents NB in 2019 Atlantic Provincials

Both teams play at JK Irving Centre


Sat Mar 3 Boucouche 1 at Elsipogtog 7  Box
Sun Mar 4 Elsipogtog 4 at Bouctouche 3 Box
Sat Mar 10 Bouctouche 1 at Elsipogtog 3 Box
Sun Mar 11 Elsipogtog 1 at Bouctouche 4 Box
Sun Mar 18 Bouctouche 5 at Elsipogtog 2 Box

Sat Mar 24 Elsipogtog 5 vs Bouctouche 4 Box
Sun Mar 31 Bouctouche at Elsipogtog 6:45

Photo by Joline Black


Prince Edward Island
Montague plays in the New Brunswick North East Senior Hockey League but will enter Atlantic Provincials as PEI

Montague Stallions



Newfoundland sends the winner of the Herder Cup the previous season to represent Newfoundland in the Atlantic Canada playoffs
Harbour Grace as 2017 Herder Champions had the option to enter the Atlantic Provincials but declined

Both Clarenville and have registered as AAA in case there is not a Newfoundland league this year
Clarenville had been picked as the Newfoundland rep in the Atlantic qualifier
Eventually both Clarenville and Grand-Falls Windsor with the blessing of Hockey Newfoundland decided not to compete
for the Allan Cup this season



Clarenville Caribous
Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts


Newfoundland Final
Herder Memorial Trophy 2016-2017
Harbour Grace CeeBee Stars vs Clarenville Caribous
Harbour Grace win Best of Five Newfoundland Final 3-2
Harbour Grace has option to represent Newfoundland in 2018 Allan Cup Provincials
Both teams declined to enter 2018 Atlantic Provincialss

Sat Mar 25 Clarenville 4 at Harbour Grace 2
Sun Mar 26 Clarenville 1 at Harbour Grace 2
Fri Mar 31 Harbour Grace 1 at Clarenville 4
Sat Apr 1 Harbour Grace 1 at Clarenville 0 0T2
Sun Apr 2 Harbour Grace 4 at Clarenville 3

Ryan Hardings Tweet of the controversial game winning non goal