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  Allan Cup Final
Sat Apr 19  7:30 P.M.
Ile-des-Chenes 3 Stony Plain Eagles 2   O/T(2)

Allan Cup Photos 2003

Stony Plain Eagles

Stony Plain       Ryan Hoople
Ile-des-Chenes  Rob Giesbrecht 

Scoring by Period
Stony Plain      1-1-0-0-  2
Ile-des-Chenes 0-2-0-0-  3

Shots by Period
Stony Plain       19-11-12-05-01    48
Ile-des-Chenes  16-13-07-03-02    41

All times are time remaining in Period

First Period
18:29-Stony-Rob Sklaruk Unassisted

Second Period
19:47-IDC-Craig Geekie-Glowa(SH)
13:14-IDC-Ryan St.Laurent Unassisted
11:05-Stony-Marshal Kronewitt- Unassisted

Third Period
No Scoring

Fourth Period(10 min)
No Scoring

Fifth Period
17:51-IDC-Kelly Glowa-Faloon-Malko

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