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Ontario   2016-2017

Allan Cup Hockey (ACH)

ACH winner advances to Allan Cup

All Six teams return this season

         Whitby Dunlops  

Brantford Bla
Dundas Real McCoys
Hamilton Steelhawks
Stoney Creek Generals
Thorold Athletics
Whitby Dunlops

Rule Changes 2015-2016
The League has adopted a three - point award system for wins during the regular season.

In addition to the balanced schedule and the three point system, the ACH has also adopted a 3 on 3 overtime format, which it will undertake for the first time. At

Teams will receive three points for a regulation time win. In the event a game goes into overtime, the winner will be awarded two points for the win, and the losing team one point for the overtime loss.

Playoff Format
Five of the six teams make the playoffs

Quarter Final
Best of Three
5th vs 4th   winner will be the 4th seed
Dundas Real McCoys vs Brantford Blast



Semi Final One
Best of Seven
4th vs Ist


Semi Final Two
Best of Seven
3rd vs 2nd
Thorold Athletics vs Whitby Dunlops
   Whitby Dunlops  


Best of Seven
Semi Final winners

Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO)

There has been no HNO team since Kenora Thistles  Ceased operations Jan 10,2016