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These Eight teams have registered as AAA in Quebec all playing in the Lique Cenrale de Hockey

Shawinigan advances to Allan Cup

Quarter Finals   Semi Finals   Finals

Shawinigan  Xtreme BionestMontmagny Transport GilmyrSte-Marie  Poutrelles DeltaChox-Fm de La PocatièreCIMT de Rivière-du-LoupCharlevoix Boomerang

Shawinigan  Xtreme Bionest
Montmagny Transport Gilmyr
Pont Rouge  Grand Portneuf
Saguenay  PolVin Construction
Charlevoix Boomerang
Ste-Marie  Poutrelles Delta
La Pocatiere CHOXFM
Riviere du Loup  CIMT

Quebec Playoffs

Playoff Schedule

Quebec Finals
Montmagny vs Shawinigan
Shawinigan Wins Best of 7 Quebec Final 4-3
Shawinigan advances to Allan Cup

Montmagny Transport GilmyrShawinigan  Xtreme Bionest
Best of Seven Final
Fri Mar 30 Montmagny 5 at Shawinigan 4   OT/1
Sun Apr 1 Shawinigan 3 at Montmagny 7
Fri Apr 6 Montmagny 2  at Shawinigan 5
Sat Apr 7 Shawinigan 5  at Montmagny 0
Sun Apr 8  Montmagny 3  at Shawinigan 4
Wed Apr 11 Shawinigan 3  at Montmagny 4
Fri Apr 13 Montmagny 0  at Shawinigan 3

Quebec Semi  Finals
Shawinigan  Xtreme Bionest
Pont-Rouge vs Shawinigan
Shawinigan Wins Best of Seven Semi Final 4-1
Thurs Mar 8 Pont-Rouge 3 at Shawinigan 8
Fri Mar 9 Shawinigan 6 at Pont-Rouge 4
Fri Mar 16 Pont-Rouge 8 at Shawinigan 4
Sun Mar 18 Shawinigan 6 at Pont-Rouge 1
Fri Mar 23 Pont-Rouge 1 at Shawinigan 10
Remaining Dates TBA

Montmagny Transport Gilmyr
Saguenay vs Montmagny
Montmagny Wins Best of Seven Semi Final 4-1
Fri Mar 9 Saguenay 7 at  Montmagny 4
Sat Mar 10 Montmagny 4 at Saguenay 1
Fri Mar 16 Saguenay 3 at Montmagny 8
Sun Mar 18 Montmagny 6 at Saguenay 1
Fri Mar 23 Saguenay 3 at  Montmagny 4

Quebec Quarter Finals
CIMT de Rivière-du-LoupMontmagny Transport Gilmyr
Montmagny Wins Best of Seven Quarter Final 4-2
Fri Feb 16 Rivière-du-Loup 4 at Montmagny 5 
Sat Feb 17   Montmagny 4 at Riviere du Loop 5
Fri Feb 23    Rivière-du-Loup 3 at Montmagny 2
Sun Feb 25  Montmagny 4 at  Rivière-du-Loup 1
Sat Mar 3  Rivière-du-Loup 2 at Montmagny 4
Sun Mar 4  Montmagny 5 at Rivière-du-Loup 2

Chox-Fm de La Pocatière
Best of Seven Quarter Final
Saguenay Wins Best of Seven Quarter Final 4-2
Fri Feb 16  Saguenay 4 at La Pocatiere 7
Sun Feb 18 La Pocatiere 3 at Saguenany 5
Fri Feb 23  Saguenay 2 at  La Pocatière 3
Sat Feb 24  La Pocatière 6 at  Saguenay 7
Sat Mar 3   Saguenay 3 at  La Pocatière 2
Sun Mar 4   La Pocatière 2 at Saguenay 4

Charlevoix BoomerangShawinigan  Xtreme Bionest
Shawinigan Wins Best of Seven Quarter Final 4-0
Sat Feb 17 Charlevoix 4 at Shawinigan 8
Sun Feb 18 Shawinigan 5 at Charlevoix 2
Fri Feb 23  Charlevoix 5 at  Shawinigan 6
Sat Feb 24 Shawinigan 7 at Charlevoix 6

Ste-Marie  Poutrelles Delta
Pont-Rouge Wins Best of Seven Quarter Final 4-1
Fri Feb 16 Pont-Rouge 2 at Ste-Marie 3
Sun Feb 18 Ste-Marie 3 at Pont-Rouge 5
Fri Feb 23 Pont-Rouge 4 at  Ste-Marie 1
Sun Feb 25  Ste-Marie 2 at Pont-Rouge 3
Sat Mar 3   Pont-Rouge 1 at   Ste-Marie  0