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These Nine teams have registered as AAA in Quebec all playing in the Lique Cenrale de Hockey
The league plays a seven game quarter final   semi final and final
League winner advances to Allan Cup

Quarter Finals         Semi Finals       Finals  ( Shawinigan vs Saguenay) 

Charlevoix BoomerangCowansville VoyageursLac Megantic TurmelMontmagny GilmyrSaguenay 98,3 fmShawinigan Xtreme BionestSte Marie Poutrelles Delta

Charlevoix Boomerang
Cowansville Voyageurs
Lac Megantic Turmel
Montmagny Gilmyr 
Pont Rouge Precision 
Riviere du Loup  CIMT 
Saguenay 98,3 fm 
Shawinigan Xtreme Bionest 
Ste Marie Poutrelles Delta

Quebec  Playoffs

Shawinigan vs Saguenay
Shawinigan wins Quebec Final 4-3
Advances to Allan Cup as Quebec Rep
Shawinigan Xtreme BionestSaguenay 98,3 fm
Fri Mar 28 Shawinigan 3 at Saguenay 4   Boxscore
Sat Mar 29 Shawinigan 5 at Saguenay 2   Boxscore
Fri Apr 4 Saguenay 2 at Shawinigan 5   Boxscore
Sat Apr 5 Saguenay 5 at Shawinigan 2  Boxscore
Sun Apr 6 Shawinigan 1 at Saguenay 3  Boxscore
Wed Apr 9 Saguenay 3 at Shawinigan 7  Boxscore
Fri Apr 11 Shawinigan 2 at Saguenay 1 Boxscore

Semi Finals

Charlevoix vs  Shawinigan
Shawinigan wins Quebec Semi Final 4-3
Charlevoix Boomerang     Shawinigan Xtreme Bionest
Sat Mar 8 Charlevoix 4 at Shawinigan 5  OT1 Box Score
Sun Mar 9 Shawinigan at Charlevoix Cancelled
Fri Mar 14 Charlevoix 2 at Shawinigan 5  Box Score
Sat Mar 15 Shawinigan 2 at Charlevoix 5 Box Score
Sun Mar 16 Shawinigan 4 at Charlevoix 5  Box Score
Fri Mar 21 Charlevoix 4  at Shawinigan 3 OT1  Box Score
Sat Mar 22 Shawinigan 6 at Charlevoix 5  Box Score
Sun Mar 23 Charlevoix 0  at Shawinigan 5 Box Score

Rivière-du-Loup vs Saguenay
Saguenay Wins Quebec Semi Final 4-1
Riviere du Loup  CIMTSaguenay 98,3 fm
Fri Mar 7  Rivière-du-Loup 3 at Saguenay 7  Box Score
Sat Mar 8 Saguenay 3 at Rivière-du-Loup 5  Box Score
Fri Mar 14 Rivière-du-Loup 3 at Saguenay 6 Box Score
Sun Mar 16 Saguenay 4 at Rivière-du-Loup 1  Box Score
Sat Mar 22 Rivière-du-Loup 5 at Saguenay 6 OT1 Box Score

Quarter Finals

Cowansville vs Saguenay
Cowansville Voyaguers Cease Operations
Saguenay wins Series by Default
Cowansville VoyageursSaguenay 98,3 fm
Sat Feb 16  Cowansville 4 at Saguenay 12 Box Score
Sun Feb 17 Saguenay 4 at Cowansville 3  OT2 Boxscore

Cowansville have ceased operation for the present time  and have been taken over by the
league after failing to appear for a quarter final against Saguenay

Montmagny vs Shawinigan
Shawinigan wins Quebec Quarter Final 4-0
Montmagny GilmyrShawinigan Xtreme Bionest
Fri Feb 15  Montmagny 0 at Shawinigan 4  Box Score
Sun Feb 17 Shawinigan 6 at Montmagny 2 Boxscore
Fri Feb 22 Montmagny 2 at Shawinigan 5 Boxscore
Sun Feb 24 Shawinigan 5 at Montmagny 1  Boxscore

Charlevois vs  Lac Mégantic
Charlevois wins Quebec  Quarter Final 4-1
Charlevoix BoomerangLac Megantic Turmel
Fri Feb 15 Lac Mégantic 3 at Charlevoix 1 Box Score
Sat Feb 16  Lac Mégantic 1 at Charlevois 5  Box Score
Fri Feb 22 Charlevoix 5 at  Lac Mégantic 4  Box Score
Sun Feb 24 Charlevoix 5 at  Lac Mégantic 4  OT1  Box Score
Fri Feb 29 Lac Mégantic 1 at Charlevois 2  Boxscore

Pont -Rouge vs  Rivière-du-Loup
Rivière-du-Loup 7 Wins Quebec Quarter Final 4-1
Riviere du Loup  CIMT
Sat Feb 16 Pont-Rouge 1 at  Rivière-du-Loup 3  Box Score
Sun Feb 17 Pont-Rouge 5 at  Rivière-du-Loup 4  O/T1  Boxscore
Fri Feb 22  Rivière-du-Loup 7  at Pont-Rouge 5   Boxscore
Sun Feb 24  Rivière-du-Loup 6  at Pont-Rouge 5 OT1Boxscore
Fri Feb 29 Pont-Rouge 6 at  Rivière-du-Loup 7 Boxscore